Asthma Basics

Asthma Basics The how and why of asthma Key Points Asthma is a common disease of the airways It is due to inflammation, which results in bronchospasm, airway narrowing and mucus. All of this makes it difficult to breathe Risk factors make asthma more likely Why do I have asthma? Quiz Select the correct answer … Read more


Symptoms Key Points The symptoms of asthma are: Wheeze Cough Chest tightness Your asthma plan will tell you what to do Good asthma control is: Having wheeze or cough less than 3 times a week Waking at night no more than once a week with symptoms Needing your reliever inhaler less than 3 times a … Read more

Managing Symptoms

Managing Symptoms Download an asthma plan today We are grateful to Asthma + Lung UK for sharing these links to their asthma plans. Hear what others have to say Quiz Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the toggle button next to it.


Medication An overview of asthma medication Key Points You need to know: Relievers Relievers are blue inhalers that treat symptoms by relaxing the muscles around airways.  Preventers Preventer medication comes as inhalers, tablets and injections. Green inhalers Key Points Good medicine practice Key Points Quiz Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on … Read more

Medication: Relievers

Medication: Relievers Everything you need to know about relievers Key Points These blue inhalers treat symptoms by relaxing the muscles around your airways.  They: Work really quickly within 15 minutes Last for 3-4 hours Can be used before sport It is important to know what to do if: No improvement occurs You regularly need your … Read more

Medication: Preventers

Medication: Preventers Introduction Key Points Preventer medication comes as: Inhalers Tablets Injections Inhalers Key Points These inhalers need to be taken every day come what may. There are two types: Steroid only, which tackle the inflammation in the airways Combined inhalers, which also include a long-acting muscle relaxing drug Preventer inhalers can take 4-6 weeks … Read more

Inhaler Technique

Inhaler Technique Key Points A good technique is essential for good symptom control but as many as 80% of asthma patients fail to use their inhalers correctly. Why not double check your technique now and don’t forget to use a spacer?  The video above explains more about this. Quiz Select the correct answer for each … Read more


Introduction Key Points Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself.  It is an essential skill to develop as you prepare to move to adult services.

Ordering Prescriptions

Ordering Prescriptions Key Points It is essential to learn how to get more medication.  It has never been easier so there is no excuse for running out!

Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments Key Points For any appointment you will need to know the following: What it is for Who it is with How to prepare When is it – date and time How will it happen With face to face ones – where to go With remote ones – the technology needed Who to contact … Read more

Attending Reviews

Attending Reviews Key Points To get the most out of your review, you will need to: Prepare well – what has your asthma control been like in the last four weeks? Provide accurate information about your asthma and treatment Be ready with any questions you may have Make sure that a clinic letter (summary) will … Read more

Routine School Stuff

Routine School Stuff Taking charge of your asthma at school Key Points Give a copy of your Asthma Plan to school Always have your reliever with you Make sure you can access a standard reliever and spacer in case of an emergency Be prepared for sport and school trips Staying well during the school holidays … Read more

Exam Time

Exam Time Key Points Stress can trigger asthma Remember, it is always good to talk if you are struggling in any way Always have your reliever with you Consider hay fever treatment if this is a problem

Life After School

Life After School Key Points There are allergens and irritants in certain workplaces These environments can cause asthma or may make your asthma worse However, the good news is that no one workplace causes problems for everybody with asthma – think triggers Why not do some research or get some careers advice to avoid disappointment? … Read more


Section: Transition A guide to transitioning in health care Key Points Transition is moving from one stage to another A transition programme will help you prepare for the move to adult services Remember to ask if you are unsure about anything


Triggers Triggers and four simple steps for tackling them Key Points Triggers are the things that make your asthma worse.  It’s important to: Find out more about specific triggers below House Dust Mites Key Points Pets Key Points If you are struggling: Air Pollution Key Points Warm Weather Key Points Cold And Damp Weather Key … Read more


Emergencies Key Points If you ignore SWAT, our seven wonderful asthma tips, which can be found on the Managing Symptoms Page in the Knowledge Section, you risk having: Symptoms More frequent attacks Hospital admissions A poorer quality of life Follow your asthma plan: If you need 4 puffs of your reliever every 4 hours for … Read more

The Care Team

The Care Team Key Points It is helpful to know: The names of your care team What their role is How to address them This is especially true before meeting the Adult Team.


Self-Advocacy Quiz Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the toggle button next to it.


Vocation Quiz Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the toggle button next to it.


Sleep Key Points There are lots of ways to improve the quality of your sleep, which in turn can be beneficial for your asthma control: Remember, night-time symptoms are usually a sign that your asthma is not well controlled.

Diet And Weight Management

Diet And Weight Management Key Points Carrying extra weight can seriously affect your asthma control by: A healthy diet can improve your asthma control. Take time to consider:


Exercise Key Points Exercise is extremely beneficial and your asthma should not be holding you back. Just remember to exercise safely: Hear what others have to say


Tobacco Smoking – The Whole Story Key Points Do you really want to make your asthma worse? Smoking: Get help to quit now! Quiz Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the toggle button next to it.


Vaping What you really need to know about vaping Key Points


Substances Tobacco Vaping Alcohol Key Points Substance Misuse

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Puberty Key Points The production of sex hormones in adolescence can affect asthma control in males and females differently. In males, symptoms can reduce but in females, the hormones involved in periods and pregnancy can trigger asthma symptoms. Relationships and Sex Key Points

Everyday Life

Everyday Life Key Points Managing your asthma is a part of everyday life. Being organised and prepared will help you to: