Inhaler Technique

Key Points

A good technique is essential for good symptom control but as many as 80% of asthma patients fail to use their inhalers correctly. Why not double check your technique now and don’t forget to use a spacer?  The video above explains more about this.


Select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the toggle button next to it.


Why not take another look at the information and try again?

#1. Which of the following statements is true?

The correct answer is a) – most people use their inhalers incorrectly.

#2. What do spacers do?

The correct answer is d) – make it easier to take your inhaler effectively.

#3. Which of the following is a part of good inhaler technique?

The correct answer is c) – taking long, slow deep breaths.  This is important whatever type of inhaler you have and even when you use a spacer.

#4. Which is the best way to look after your spacer?

The correct answer is c) – wash it in soapy water as directed in the instructions