Managing Symptoms

The Seven Wonderful Asthma Tips

Key Points

Remember SWAT – our seven wonderful asthma tips!

  1. Keep your reliever with you
  2. Take your preventer every day even if you feel well
  3. Use your asthma plan
  4. Make sure your inhaler technique is good
  5. Avoid your triggers where possible
  6. Attend reviews
  7. Tell others about your asthma

Download an asthma plan today

We are grateful to Asthma + Lung UK for sharing these links to their asthma plans.

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#1. Why is it important to manage asthma correctly?

The correct answer is b) – to have a life as normal as possible.

#2. What should you avoid doing if your asthma control is poor?

The correct answer is b) – forgetting to take your preventer inhaler.  All the other answers are things that you should do if your asthma control is poor.

#3. Which is the best way to remind yourself to take your reliever device with you wherever you go?

The correct answer is c) – think RISK (reliever plus ID, smartphone and keys if you own these items).  You should always carry a reliever device no matter where you are, who you are with or what time of day it is.

#4. When should you use your preventer?

The correct answer is b) – every day as prescribed.

#5. Which of these statements about taking an inhaler is true?

The correct answer is b) – good inhaler technique is essential.

#6. When it comes to asthma reviews, which of the following is true?

The correct answer is b) – everyone with asthma needs to be seen at least once a year.

#7. Who should you tell about your asthma?

The correct answer is d) – everyone who you spend time with.  This includes family, friends, teachers and leaders.  This way they will be prepared to help if you are experiencing difficulties.  Even adults need assistance in emergencies.