Vocation Quiz

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#1. Which of these things do you need access to at school to ensure you stay safe with your asthma?

The correct answer is c) – a reliever and spacer.  You should always have a copy of your Asthma Plan at school too.

#2. Which action can enable you to join in with sport?

The correct answer is d) – taking your reliever inhaler as directed 10 minutes before sport if exercise triggers your asthma.

#3. Which of the following makes your asthma worse during exams?

The correct answer is b) – the stress of exams.  Good routine asthma management, including taking your preventer regularly, ensuring that you have a reliever and spacer available and taking hay fever medication as prescribed if you suffer from this problem, can all help keep your asthma symptoms under control during the exam period.  Support from family and your teachers is also valuable at this time.

#4. Why should you give your career extra thought when you have asthma?

The correct answer is d) – allergens or irritants are present in some work environments.  The other answers are nonsense!